Friendship Nation CD / 12" LP / Cassette

Image of Friendship Nation CD / 12" LP / Cassette


2nd Full Length Album – CD Version released by Tome Records. Features remixes by Silver Daggers, BIG A little a, Tussle, and Robedoor.

LP version on Gilgongo (does not have remixes)

“Oh my! Pure incredible. LA’s Foot Village, feat members of Gang Wizard (Ecstatic Peace/Load) and Friends Forever (Load), have delivered their most amazing recording yet. No electricity hardcore. No jamming. No drum circles. Foot Village have created their own country and the songs on Friendship Nation (recorded by Jonathan Snipes of Captain Ahab & mastered by Pete Swanson of Yellow Swans) are reports on what life in Foot Village is like. It is a nation unlike any other and only by visiting can you really know. Life is fucking beautiful.”

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